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cut funding to planned parenthood and then reversed its decision. did this controversy hit the local chapter? >> i don't think specifically the planned parenthood is. i think there is confusion between the national organization and the local organization and the difference between them. >> reporter: and the difference is the local never dealt with planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood has never asked us for funding. >> reporter: they have called those who haven't run to ask why and have heard that the economy is changing their course and there are more organizations and causes. >> search for the cure is going to go on and if we slow down any of the money that's being given to the organization it's going to slow down that work. >> reporter: so the local wants to distance itself there the national and it's policies and it's changing leadership. what do they need tonight? >> we need people to register for the race for the cure. we need people to start teams, we need people to send out e- mails for donations and just feel comfortable to spread the word about what we do in marylan
so much you stay local and you play college ball. well the former general manager of the braves donated a bunch of money to towsen university. but they are thinking of ending their baseball program because of the cost to run. they are also thinking of eliminating men's soccer. >>> the mount washington tavern is ready to open. >>> we have brand new video. this clip surfaced on the internet. it appears to show american journalists blind folded and being led by a group of armed captors. it's been weeks since his family has heard from him. the state department believes that austin was detained by the syrian government. >>> then a shootout leaves one border patrol agent dead and another hurt tonight. police are out there, the fbi, they are all searching for clues. nickelous ivy died. the fbi says there was more than one shooter and the last time we had a boarden agent killed, you have to go back to -- border agent killed, you have to go back to 2010. >>> the iphone 5 is out and it comes with a price tag of hundreds of dollars. but that's just how much you'll pay for the phone. coming
't want our garden speeding. >> we found local bus drivers doing that. you have to prove that. >> and another found in the morning. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts now. >>> you want to know about sandy. 11 people now have been killed and here's what it looks like in post hurricane sandy. we're hoping that sandy won't remind us that irene isabel. >> this is what the storm looks like from the international space station. you have to wonder is the storm coming our way. >> he's tracking the storm all week. a closer look at the storm. >> sandy is getting closer and closer to the united states, getting close to the coast here. winds to 90 miles an hour. still a very powerful 1 hurricane. we're seeing a little weakening in the last three hours. potent storm, winds moving in the northwest at 11:00. it's not so much what they are doing right now, what she will do as she rockets up the east coast in the next 2-3 days. as we approach the time frame, as we expect sandy to curve around the north carolina coast, but in addition to that, in carrying some jet stream energy likely that this storm w
don't think that is. >> reporter: the local never dealt with funding. >> they never asked us. >> reporter: they are hearing the economy is changing the course and more organizations and causes. >> search for the cure is going to go on and if we slow down the money, it slows down the work. >> reporter: so the national wants to separate from the local. >> we need people to register and start team and e-mails for donations and feel comfortable to spread the word. >> reporter: the biggest concern is that they have been there for you and now they need you. >> we are not going away. >> tomorrow, abc 2 is waking for you. we want to pay for mamgrams for women and you will be able to call tomorrow and sign up and sign up for the race that is a week from today. there is a 5k and a 1 mile family fun walk. we will be live with coverage from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. you can head to our website for all the information. >>> let talk football, after a come back it looked like the ravens were trying to give the ball away. we beat them 31-29 at emt stadium. and from one kind of football to another, w
at the beach plaza down there at the boardwalk and it is a wild night at the beach but even more locally we see the winds ramping up, so that will be a big concern and the heavy rain coming in already. rain totals in guess of 2 inches with more heavy rain. a significant rain band getting ready to come into southern maryland right now. flood watches are up. they will continue to be up. we have huge surf building off the coast. surf heights up to 28, 29 feet tomorrow. you can see that huge ocean surge under that hurricane offshore. we have coastal flooding concerns for the entire chesapeake bay but the most significant flooding will be on the side of the bay. >> northwest winds between monday and tuesday in particular but nonetheless that would pileup the water in cambridge, st. michaels, kent island, you name it, that side of the bay in particular may be more sus september table. we're going to be on this storm tracking it tonight and through the day tomorrow. of course nonstop coverage for you and again, the winds ramping up, the storm ramping up and we'll have much more straight ahead. >> let'
can tell its brooks. >> reporter: they were trying hard to just get a look of the local legend. >> i love brooks robinson. >> excited. this is a great thing. my wife is even more excited than i am. republican the word excited, well it just seems to be under stating. this is brooks robinson. with all of his awards behind him, he is still one of the nicest guys that has ever played baseball. >> my father worked for like 20 some years in memorial stadium and he used topples come home with stories about brooks and cal and eddie -- the very good with the people who worked at the stadium. >> reporter: on a night when this is all coming together, i wonder how long has this been in the making. >> forever stand here at orioles park at camden yards and it's about his defense. >> i have been waiting 15 years for this. this is great. on a day that brooks the greatest of all time gets honored. the yankees loose and we tie for first place and never look back. world series here we come. >> reporter: do we dare to dream? do we dare to dream? please do not tell anyone that our secret is that our
tonight's debate matter? we asked local experts. >> close race, going down to the wire it comes down to a handful of voters and states. >> it's so close. debates do matter. the president had momentum, romney had a lousy week and look at what happened after the debate. >> tonight is the only time they will debate. the president and romney will meet again on tuesday. this time they will talk about foreign policy. >>> when you shop for pet food you see all sorts of eye catching claim that make you want to pick one product or another. what do terms like all natural or premium mean and how do you know what's really best for your best friend? brian brings you the scoop to make sure you get what you paid for. >> reporter: elana tried ten different dog foods for her dog happy. she researched ingredients to find weekend that didn't upset him. >> it was very frustrating. >> reporter: when it comes to pet food the fda and u.s.d.a. regulate certain terms but not all are regulated or even clearly defined. >> a lot of buzz words out there right now that pet food companies putting on the labels
touch down. our meteorologist is here, mike, they say weather is all local. this came to donald's front door. >> poor donald, yeah, great job, first on with this, and again, here's the results, a confirmed tornado as for the national weather service, they have about 1.2-miles and again 80-mile per hour winds with this. this actually picked back up, went into pennsylvania and produced an ef1 tornado in pennsylvania. so certainly an impressive quick-moving storm. we had to deal with friday night. in terms of what's going on closer to home, snot much. temperatures pretty mild. 51 in town right now, outside the beltway, into the 40s. it is a pretty comfortable feel. of course many locations, satellite picture is clear overhead for much of the state. the real action is over the caribbeans. winds 45 miles per hour, we could be deal with a sandy's effects through the weekend. current temperatures, it's warming up in a big way over the midwest. that is the warmth that could bring 80 by wednesday. details with the seven day coming up many just a little bit, guys. >> thanks. >>> new tonight, the
her daughter to the information session at a local holiday inn. >> through the interview they said we had to ask sponsors to participate and collect almost $500. >> reporter: that had mom concerned, she got online and found complaints saying the $495 fee was just the beginning of what they would have to pay for photos, gowns, travel and tickets. >> it just -- everything just didn't added up. >> reporter: a pageant spokesman said it is a legitimate operation and gives away thousands of dollars in scholarships and says fees are exposed in advance. the website says it is based in chicago, but the better business bureau says it connects to "america's beauty pageants" a virginia company with an f rating. and they are not connected to pageants with good bbb ratings. in the end, she packed out. >> i didn't need a beauty pageant. i have beauty inside and that's all that matters. >> reporter: before you ever consider a talent competition, beauty pageant or tv show audition, do a thorough search of the company holding the tryouts. you should be able to find out in a few minutes if it is a worth
. if you've gotten one of these shots, you need to call your doctor and find a list of the local impacted clinics on >>> when you think of sleep apnea, you probably think of adults. but doctors say that even toddlers can get the sleep disorder. >> reporter: rely ortiz remembers the night she woke up to her child snoring. she also noticed jacqueline coughing and gasping for air. >> >> when you're not breathing your oxygen level goes down. even small dips in oxygen can cause problems particular to the developing brain. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics say that childhood sleep apnea is extremely common and more cases are popping up across the country, typically in children between ages 2 and 6. >> large tonsils and adenoids are the major risks. >> reporter: another major risk is emerging, obesity. >> it is in the neck and structures around the air way, so it can have a compressive effect. >> reporter: they recommend that pediatricians screen interest the disorder -- screen for the disorder and that pediatricians learn symptoms. >> they may have trouble with atten
much better. as far as the local team here is concerned, i just want to tell them we'll be back next year. they better get ready for us. >> reporter: a lot of young talent on this team. we talked to the fans after the game. >> unbelievable year. the best year of my life. i was born in '93. i don't remember '97. i bare ly ly remember cal. best year ever. >> if you said this in april or may i would have laughed at you. they played over their heads all year. they pushed the right buttons and got the most out of the rooster. >> we're going to be back. we'll be back next year. >> in the future i'll take my team over their team because their future is very limited, our future is unlimited. >> after the ravens hard loss against the patriots it's just hard now to watch the orioles lose. orioles are on track and i love it. >> yankees fans are scared. >> reporter: i think the yankees future is very limited when it comes to detroit. they're not going to get too far against those pitchers if they couldn't hit the orioles tonight. >> let's go to camden yards sheave with sheryl conner. >> report
and cleaned up at a local hospital. his mom says he's doing just fine right now. >> let's get one last look at our forecast. chilly night but the nights are all going to be chillier now. >>> i think so. at least for the next night or two before we warmup again. cooling off just in time for the weekend. go out and pick out the pumpkins. drink some warm apple cider. radar is clearing out. that's good news for everyone. as we look at the 7 day forecast. there we go. cool weekend right through sunday. we'll be right back. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's wh
at a rest stop. federal, state and local authorities arrested them after an unevent full approach on their blue chevy caprice. he visit es with two to tell about the story and the capture and how it was truly in the details. >> reporter: this is what did it all. for 32 years, now retired baltimore city officer jim snyder tried to do all the little things right. >> i stopped him. >> reporter: even in the biggest story of his career. >> to help stop a killer. >> reporter: the video may seem dated now, but the memory of that month back in 2002 is far from faded. ten people killed, three critically injured. the targets as unsettling as the act. gas stations, buses, schools. the dc sniper paralyzed life inside and out two beltways putting evything in life on hold. >> you had to live through it to appreciate what we had gone through that day, just to get gas. >> reporter: snyder didn't just live through it, he worked it. he chased his fair share of white box trucks and misguided jbut it ^where he would find the devil. >> a chevy caprice parked at this gas station blocking the door wher
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13